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About Me

I am a self diagnosed design geek; battle tested, seasoned and skilled in multiple areas of design, including: branding, logo design, web, print, video, motion graphics, and animation.

My work has never really felt like ‘work’. To the contrary, I find pushing my creative limits and learning new things to be among the most enjoyable parts of life, especially when I have a team to collaborate with.

Over the last 10 years, I have had a wide range professional experience. From 2008-2011, I was privileged to be a part of an Iowa based ad agency producing television and radio campaigns as well as websites and online campaigns for automotive dealers all over the United States. I joined the marketing team of a Chicago based healthcare company in 2012, where my direction took the branding, direct mail campaigns, video production and web design to the next level.

I approach my work with passion, energy and excitement, tirelessly working projects to perfection. My skills shine behind the computer, camera and keyboard. I am well versed in a variety of production software and HD production equipment. Peers and clients alike consider me a valuable asset whether working independently or as part of a team.


Measured in Percentage of Expertise

Adobe Photoshop - 95%
Final Cut Pro - 90%
Adobe After Effects - 90%
Adobe Premiere - 85%
Adobe InDesign - 85%
Wordpress - 85%
UI Design - 85%
HTML & CSS - 80%
Responsive Design - 80%
Adobe Illustrator - 70%
Cinema 4D - 65%
Element 3D - 60%


3 Telly Awards

Awarded in 2008 for three thirty second television spots in the following categories: Use of Animation, Use of Humor, Automotive.

PrimeSource Above & Beyond

Awarded in March of 2014 for work done producing, writing, shooting and editing company promotional and recruiting videos.

Work Experience

2007 - Present


Senior Designer
Buffalo Grove, Illinois
January 2017 – Present

PrimeSource Healthcare

Digital Media Production & Design
Buffalo Grove, Illinois
January 2012 – December 2016

Nebraska Wine Tours

Branding & Web Design
Omaha, Nebraska
March 2015 – Present

Right Idea Media & Creative

Digital Media Production & Design
Council Bluffs, Iowa
January 2008 – December 2011


BFA - Art & Design: Digital Cinema | Northern Michigan University | 2007

The School of Art and Design is part of the College of Arts and Sciences. An important school objective is to prepare students to participate in the professional fields of art, design, and education, broadening the scope of their experience by providing intellectual support for art beyond the limits of studio skills. The school, through the DeVos Art Museum, also provides students with exposure to exhibitions exemplifying the cultural breadth of the visual arts from national, regional and local sources, including the University’s permanent art collection.

Read More on the NMU Website



Stewart Newman

Account Executive
PrimeSource Healthcare  |  847.917.3069

“Jerett is the creative backbone of our company. Open up our website and everything that you see reflects the passion, expertise and creative genius of Jerett. Look at any of our many print/visual marketing campaigns that Jerett has created and you’ll see the painstaking dedication to detail that Jerett is so famous for at our office. His command of creative programs keeps us in awe as well as his ability to digest and conquer new challenges.  Jerett is in high demand from every division or our company. Any company that is considering bringing on board a creative genius should seriously consider speaking with Jerett.”


Dan Rutledge

Right Idea Media & Creative
  |  402.660.2184

“Jerett worked at my ad agency from Feb 2008 until December 2011. Jerett is a very accomplished multi-talented young man. During his time here, he built web sites, edited TV commercials and long form videos, shot video, produced an entire catalogue of graphic design elements; from graphics for TV to logos, and he managed our online advertising campaigns, becoming Google Adwords Certified in the process. Our clients loved him and relied on his expertise heavily. To top it off, he’s a lot of fun to be around and was always a positive influence in the office. I would highly recommend Jerett”


Tate Jones

Production Supervisor
Right Idea Media & Creative  |  712-366-4292 Ext. 104

“Jerett is a very talented graphic designer and digital media artist. His depth of knowledge in graphic design, web site building and video production grew immensely during his time at Rutledge Integrated Marketing. Jerett played an important role in improving our internet based initiatives as well.”

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